project mgmt.

Sometimes a home may need to be brought up to speed to fit the needs of buyers. The truth is, we live in a world where those who are house-hunting want it move-in ready. If you haven't noticed, builders are raising developments faster than Usain Bolt, meaning they are capitalizing on that very fact. 

So, this is where I can help you. I am a IICRC certified in mold, structural drying, and water extraction. With these certifications allows me to have a perspective on homes that most agents do not have. I have manage full re-habs of residences from start to finish. So updated a home is half the battle. 

If your home has not sold, it may need to be updated to reach buyers who are still looking. Most people want a home with character, and that's something new construction cannot give you. I have a network of people that can do the jobs you need a low out of pocket expense. On top of that, I manage the project from beginning to end. 

We are the people to get your house sold!