If you don't want to sell your home, then we can't help you. Dimensional Real Estate is here to "sell, sell, sell."  There is a new age customer, and we need to speak to them in their language. Check out our site and see what we have to offer. 


Here is a little bit about me...

Hello, my name is Robert Atkinson. Born and raised in good 'ole GA, sometimes pronounced "jaw-jah." It's safe to say that I love this place. I'm a family man that's seeking to help families reach their goals. We are all seeking the greatest opportunities for our families, and I'm here to assist in that journey. Southern hospitality is more than a saying when dealing with me. 

Who we are

Real estate sales is a new piece to the Dimensional puzzle. Over the last few years, the marketing of real estate has changed. We at Dimensional have made sure real estate professionals have access to those tools. We provide architectual photography, aerial drone photos and, Matterport 3D. All of these tools help our clients sell and/or purchase their prospective properties. 

With our experience in marketing properties, it allows us to utilize these tools for our clients in real estate sales. Accompanied by sales and project management experience, it gives our clients a great opportunity to sell their property.