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The Real Estate industry is production driven. Because of that the client experience can be overlooked. I’m here to make sure that does not happen. My goals are your goals! To make sure a clients experience goes well, we must set a clear path of expectations. My job is to make sure you are thoroughly informed so you can know what can be achieved. Many times my clients are surprised at what they qualify for and how attainable it is. So if you are looking for a tailer custom experience you have come to the right place.


I am listing expert. I own and operate a real estate marketing company. As we all know, that our biggest window of opportunity is on the web. Meaning that how we present ourselves is of absolute utmost importance. Your listings content has to be capture the attention of a prospect immediately. Because of my skill set I can present your home like no other.


“If a DJ played the music he liked, no one would dance”

Robert Atkison |  REaltor



This quote sums me up. I’ve had a lifelong theme, and it’s that perception is not reality. Let me explain my background to help you understand better.

My name is Robert Atkinson I am a husband to a wonderful wife, and father to my mini-me. I’ve been in the customer service industry my entire working career. I’ve worked in restaurants, grocery stores, car dealerships, offices, and now the real estate industry. All of these arenas have something in common, PEOPLE! For you to be successful in the people business, it is absolutely impossible trying to tell others what they want and how they want it. You will strike out every time. You have to listen to the crowd, they will tell you what they want. Because of my many hats that I’ve worn over the years, it has equipped me to be expertly prepared to assist my clients.

One of those hats was project management in the construction industry. This knowledge allows me to go in your home and assess it from a contractor/realtor perspective. Meaning, as a realtor I can tell what you home needs to sell, and as a contractor how much it cost in time and money. This know how has allowed me to prep house for the market and selling them in a very fast time frame.

I have been in real estate for the last 3 years. I was named “rookie of the year” and have been asked to assist in many different levels of real estate in my brokerage. My wife and I own and operate Dimensional Productions, a real estate marketing content company. We supply professional photography, video, Matterport 3D, drone, etc. for the top real estate professionals in the Atlanta area. We have seen so many properties that it has allowed us to know what works in a home, and what does not.

This is a snapshot of our history, we look forward to you joining it.