Sell, Sell, Sell

In the movie Trading Places, staring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, at the end of the movie the villains started screaming to their staff "Sell, Sell, Sell." And I think that's some good advice! And by the way, this a movie you should watch on TBS, if you know what I mean. 

But there is no better time, than the present, to sell your home. We're embarking on the time-of-year when the "Turkey Dance" starts to take place. The Turkey Dance is when corporations start to shuffle around their employees to different positions for whatever reason necessary. And one major reason, is summer break from school. With the Atlanta area having such a low cost of living, people are starting to take notice.

We have the worlds largest, and busiest, airport within an hour of any who live in the metro Atlanta area. The Atlanta movie scene is receiving enormous exposure due to the tax credits issued to film makers who shoot in Georgia. Tyler Perry recently bought Fort McPherson, a 330 acre piece of property, making it the largest film studio in the nation. And he plans on stocking it with the latest and greatest in film technology.

The food scene is bananas (a term used to mean exciting). You can eat just about anything your palate desires here. With Ponce City Market, Krog Street and Ford Frey: we have you covered. You're also able to drive 3-4 hours north or south and see beautiful beaches and mountains. What more can you ask for?

Looking at all the areas we mentioned, we can see why buyers are here. To reiterate, a whole bunch of buyers are here. And they need places to live. And they want to give you MONEY! 

As we proceed, this is for the people who want to make money. (If you don't want to make money, please stop reading now.) If you have a home, hopefully you are considering selling. Summertime and living in Atlanta, makes it a wise choice for you to attempt to see what you can profit from the sale of your home. Remember, no one is holding your feet to the fire. If you don't like the offers presented, reject them and move on. But, don't leave money on the table if you don't have to. 

If this, wonderful piece of literature, has moved you to taking a stab at the market, I'm here to help. I strongly believe in educating any who have the desire to make some money. You know where to find me, at "Sell, Sell, Sell." 

-Robert Atkinson


Robert Atkinson